I am a writer, researcher, teacher and learner. I received my BA from UC Berkeley and my PhD from the University of Minnesota. My doctorate is in the field of cultural and linguistic anthropology, which means I am trained at listening, learning, absorbing, and analyzing.

I have created Fluid Prose as a way to showcase some of my writing, to discuss writing, and as a portal for people interested in my writing and editing. As a editor, my current specialty is editing for ESL writers and scholars. My goal is to help my clients have an end product that is polished and showcases their work without distraction. I am available for freelance work via LPhillipsEditing(at)gmail.com or through Upwork and People for People.

I am also in the process of transforming my dissertation into a book and working on a few articles on social media in ethnography. In my free time, I am happy to report that I have finally started working on my novel!


I have been writing since I could hold a pencil, but more professionally over the past 15 years. In 2000, I started working as a writing educator and tutor. In this position, I helped students revise and edit their papers and helped teach ESL students writing skills. In 2002, I began working with the Multicultural Germany Project at UC Berkeley, where I helped organize and edit the book Germany in Transit. Since 2002, much of my writing has been in conjunction with research projects, some academic and some corporate.  I have written annual reports, questionnaires, consent forms, grant proposals, fellowship essays, articles, blog posts, fictional pieces, factual pieces and a 416 page dissertation.

I have also been active in teaching writing skills since 2006. Since 2006, all of the courses that I have assisted or taught at the University of Minnesota have been “writing intensive,” meaning that writing and writing instruction is a key feature of the course. As an instructor of “Dreaming & Myth,” I have helped guide over 200 students through the various steps of paper writing, thesis building, and essay polishing. In class we covered everything from the basics of grammar to organizing arguments. In addition to recent work as an instructor, I have also begun working individually with local ESL graduate students and scholars as a freelance editor.

I believe one the most important qualifications is that I just love to write; and I hope to share this love with you.