This is a collection of materials to showcase my professional writing. It is, as all things in life, a work in progress.

Non-Fiction & Academic Writing:

Story of a Computer; Story of a City
Excerpt: “In Berlin, the history of computing refers to one thing – Zuse and his computers. These computers and their odd story function to inform people about the role Berlin played in the development of computers, and more importantly, often inform people about Berlin itself. In a very particular way, the narrative of Zuse is the modern narrative of Berlin; with blind spots, destructions, and renewals.”

Paradoxical Intimacy: Tweeting and Talking
Excerpt: “Twitter engenders a kind of paradoxical intimacy. While someone knows that a single tweet could be seen by thousands of people, it feels like the tweet is personal. For those tweets used within the social matrices of a local community, this intimate feeling is further coupled with the fact that a person can feel like they know someone, even if they have not met them.”

Book Review – On the Social Life of Postsocialism: Memory, Consumption, Germany by Daphne Berdahl
Excerpt:“As with her previous ethnography, Berdahl’s essays are well crafted, infused with feeling, dotted with specific examples, and evoke larger theoretical questions, not just about Eastern Germany, but about understandings of self, memory and belonging. Her writing manages to capture fleeting moments and movements in postsocialist Germany, and the book is both informative and a joy to read.”